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Message From The Principal

Dear all,


On behalf of the Birat Kshitiz College Management Committee I would like to warmly welcome all the students willing to join Birat Kshitiz College for the Academic Calendar year 2074 B.S.


Many of you may not have heard much about me, so to share a bit more about me, after completing my graduation and returning back to my hometown (Biratnagar), dwelling around for opportunities to further continue my teaching career was the difficult and hectic task. But, dwelling period got a break when I came across Birat Kshitiz College. Initially, I worked as teaching faculty for 2 years at Birat Kshitiz College. During that, I got an offer for the respectable post of principal, which I gladly accepted with both hands. Thereafter, I am working as Principal and also Teaching Faculty since last year.   


“Pragmatic Education” is the motto of our college. The college has been running successfully B.Sc.CSIT program for past few years. My top priority as a principal is to support and encourage all students and staff in doing their best work together. I strongly believe that when we create a safe, welcoming college environment where dignified teaching faculties and staff are committed in creating rigorous, exciting learning experiences for students, our students will be motivated and courageous to push their own learning and thinking limits, all of which enhances their preparation for success in future. I also believe that communication is the number one factor that affects our relationships with each other, so I strive to share information about academic events and programs in ways that invite and encourage all students to stay connected and participate in academic progress. I also deeply appreciate the positive feedback obtained from students through their experience at this college, which I pass along to teaching faculties and staff to let them know how much their commitment to this life-changing work is being appreciated.


Hence, In this long journey of providing and promoting IT education to students in Eastern Region as well as playing a significant role in transforming Coal into Diamond, the college is planning further to enroll BCA program in near future and work with full dedication in development of IT.



Er. Deeyoranjan Dongol

Masters of Engineering in Computer Engineering