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First Semester

CSC-101 Introduction To Information Technology
CSC-102 Fundamentals Of Computer Programming
STA-103 Probability And Statistics
MTH-104 Calculus And Analytical Geometry
[Elective I: Student can opt for any one of the following course]
PHY-105 Physics I
B10-106 Biology I
GEO-107 Geology I
STA-108 Statistics I


Second Semester

CSC-151 Digital Logic
CSC-152  Discrete Structure
CSC-153 Microprocessor
CSC-154 Data Structure And Algorithms
MTH-155 Linear Alzebra
[Natural Science Elective -II: Student can opt for anyone of the following course]
PHY-156 Physics II
B10-157 Biology II
GEO-158 Geology II
STA-159 Statistics II


Third Semester

CSC-201 Computer Architecture
CSC-202 Object Oriented Programming Language
CSC-203 Operating Systems
CSC-204  Numerical Method
MGT-205 Introduction to Management


Fourth Semester

CSC-251  Theory Of Computation
CSC-252 System Of Analysis And Design
CSC-253 Database Management System
CSC-254 Computer Graphics
CSC-255 Introduction To Cognitive Science
ENG-256  Technical Writing


Fifth Semester

CSC-301  Computer Networks
CSC-302 Simulation And Modeling
CSC-303 Design And Analysis Of Algorithms
CSC-304  Artificial Intelligence
[Computer Science Elective-I: Student can opt for any one of the following course]
CSC-305 Microprocessor Based Design
CSC-306 Applied Logic
CSC-307 E-governance
CSC-308 Concepts Of Wireless Networking
MGT-309 International Business Management
MGT-310 International Marketing
CSC-311 Neural Networking
CSC-312 Computer Hardware Design
CSC-313 Cryptography


Sixth Semester

CSC-351 Software Engineering
CSC-352  Compiler Design And Construction
CSC-353 Web Technologies
CSC-354 Real Time System
[Computer Science Elective-II: Student can opt for any one of the following course]
CSC-355 Knowledge Management
CSC-356 Fundamentals Of E-commerce
CSC-357 Society And Ethics In Information Technology
CSC-358 Automation And Robotics
CSC-359 Digital System Design
CSC-360 Net Centric Computing
CSC-361 Web Centric Computing
CSC-362 Embedded System Programming
CSC-363 Image Processing


Seventh Semester

CSC-401 Advanced Database Management System
CSC-402 Internet Technology
CSC-403 Advanced Java Programming
CSC-404 Project Work
[Computer Science Elective-III: Student can opt for any one of the following course]
CSC-405 Information Retrieval
CSC-406 Database Administration
CSC-407 Network And System Administration
CSC-408 Software Project Management


Eighth Semester

CSC-451 Data Warehousing And Data Mining
CSC-452 Internship
[Computer Science Elective -IV & Computer Science Elective V: Student can opt for any two of the following course]
CSC-453 Advanced Networking With Ipv6
CSC-454 Distributed Networking
CSC-455 Network Security
CSC-456  Multimedia Database
CSC-457 Distributed And Object Oriented Database
CSC-458 Cloud Computing
CSC-459 Geographical Information System
CSC-460 Decision Support System